Join us!

We are always ready to welcome new voices into our choir.

When is a good time to join?
Normally we have two intakes per year – in December/January/February and in July/August, though experienced choristers and other musicians taking up choral singing may be invited into the choir at any time during the year at the discretion of the Musical Director.

What are we looking for?
Some experience of singing and the ability to learn music and hold a melody. Being able to read music is not an essential initial requirement, but new members who don’t have that skill are expected to commit to learning the basics.

How about if you’ve never sung in a choir before?
The choir does not take in complete beginners, but there are plenty of opportunities to learn. So don’t give up!
Keen beginners are encouraged to contact the Musical Director, Lyndon Piddington (see Contact details), for information about classes in basic singing technique, learning to read music and learning to sing in a choir.

What happens next?
Prospective members are invited to attend two rehearsals, free of charge, before deciding whether they wish to apply for membership. An informal one-to-one voice test is then held to familiarise the Musical Director with the specific vocal tone and range of each individual applicant and to assess both her/his suitability for choral singing and to allocate her/him to the appropriate section of the choir.